Lee's Ferry Lodge

Vermilion Cliffs Arizona

Step back in time with us at Lee's Ferry Lodge (also known as VC).
Located at the base of the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Recreation Area.
Unplug From The Buzz
Our comfortable rustic rooms will help you unplug from your busy life!
There is so much to do!
  • Kayak the Colorado River at our special client rate
  • Fish for Trophy Trout
  • Hike the historical walk at the Lonely Dell Ranch
  • Hike Slot Canyons, and/or Uranium Roads deep into the wilderness and gaze on the petroglyphs of ancient cultures
  • Mountain bike the world class trails of the Rainbow Rim Trail network
  • Tool around forest roads in and out of the Grand Canyon complex, and Pariah Canyon Wilderness
  • View wildlife like condors at the bridge, big horn sheep along the river, Osprey eagles, deer, owls and wild horses
Lee's Ferry Lodge Amenities:
  • Rooms from 1 bed to 5
  • 2 bedroom vacation rental
  • A little something for everyone
As the day subsides the stargazing and peacefulness is unmatched. Drink a beverage on the porch as the universe unfolds before you.
This place is truly alive!

Please Note!
Our on-site restaurant is currently closed for remodeling.
There are 2 restaurants 5 miles in each direction for your gastric needs.

Stay Tuned & Please Bear With Us!

Looking For

Great Adventure?

For those that want a great adventure while they are here they should checkout.

Kayak The Colorado

If you would like an awesome day on the river mention that you will be staying at the lodge for the "Lodge Client Special".